Factsheet 3

We emailed our third and final factsheet to all our members. Download them here: Conversation_fact_sheet_3Download Conversation_fact_sheet_large_print_3Download

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Eastercon Participation Scheme (Bursary)

The Participation Scheme is now closed to new applications and donations. Thank you everyone who donated to the Bursary. Some of our friends are coming to the convention with the…

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Factsheet 2

We mailed our second Factsheet to all our members. You can download them using the links below. April 2023 Update: Please note that parking details given here for the Hilton…

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Eastercon Participation Scheme (Bursary)

The participation scheme is open for a final round of applications. We have a limited amount of money remaining which will allow us to make a few small grants for…

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Hotel may be Sold Out

We regret that as of 8 March 2023 our room block is sold out and you can no longer use our booking code. It's worth checking the Hilton and other…

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