All Eastercons rely on volunteers to make them enjoyable for everyone, both in the planning stages and at the convention itself. An Eastercon usually has no paid staff (all the committee and other volunteers participate in their spare time and, like any hobby, at their own cost) and so we rely on members of the convention to help to make everything happen.

We’re currently reflecting on the volunteer effort we saw was needed at Reclamation 2022. There will be lots of ways in which people can help – both in advance and at the con itself, on site and online – and we’ll want to encourage lots of members to participate in ways that we hope everyone will enjoy. We’ll provide more information soon about the help we need, what that could mean in practice, and how to get involved.

In the meantime, if you’re very interested in helping with Conversation 2023 or have any urgent questions about volunteering, please do contact us via

Later in the year we’ll also be inviting people to volunteer as programme participants and to offer us ideas for the programme more generally.

Thank you to everyone who’s already offered help!