Eastercon is the annual British National Science Fiction Convention. It has been held over the Easter weekend every year since 1955.

Eastercon attracts 800-1,200 fans of Science Fiction, Fantasy and similar genres. Programme events usually include panels, workshops, talks, quizzes, competitions, an Art Show, and a Dealers Room selling books and other items. Events range from hard science through writing workshops to the fun and silly. People are encouraged to take part.

Because it is considered to be a place for fans to meet and take part, rather than sit and listen to presentations, it’s a convention and not a conference. Similarly when you pay your money to take part, you buy a membership in Eastercon and not a ticket.

Each year the convention is run by a different committee, made up of volunteers from the community.

The Eastercon for 2023 is called Conversation, and you have already found the website for it! If you are interested, please join!

The Eastercon for 2024 is called Levitation, and you can find more details over on their website. Please join their convention as well!

If you want to find out more about Eastercons, you can start by browsing the Eastercon Wiki.

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