Conversation has a variety of online social spaces: a Facebook page, Twitter and Tumblr feeds, and a convention Discord server. We also have a separate server for the organising team.

Conversation is committed to ensuring that these spaces are inclusive and welcoming. All interactions should respect and reflect this Code of Conduct, whether in person or online. In particular, you should not post content that might be construed as bullying, offensive, or disrespectful.

If you spot something that you believe is contrary to the CoC:

1. Let the Communications/Social Media team know

Please contact us, and give us links and screenshots or other directions to the relevant material:

  • on the convention Discord, message a discord moderator (anyone with the @Discord Mods role)
  • on Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter, please send us a direct message
  • or email

Please do not share or repost offensive material; contact us directly about it instead.

If the harassment is directed at you, please disengage.

2. Please wait for a reply

This may not be immediate. We do expect to have moderators and social media volunteers on duty throughout the convention, but it can take time to form a response especially if multiple people are involved.

3. Please like and/or share the official response.

Please help us get clear and correct information out to members.