Conversations with the Chair: Building our Code of Conduct

We’re starting to think about the policies we need in place if we win the bid.

We want Conversation 2023 to be a great place to spend a weekend, whether in person or online. To make sure that happens, we will have a full Code of Conduct, which will include an anti-harassment policy. We intend also to have a sustainability policy. We expect to design our policies based on those of Reclamation 2022 where applicable, and we will revise and amend them in the light of Reclamation’s experiences this Easter.

Of course, we’re already starting to engage with the Eastercon membership more broadly. We ask that in all your dealings on our social media pages or other spaces, you follow Reclamation 2022’s policies until ours are fully in place. You can read Reclamation’s code of conduct at

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