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Starting the Conversation!

We’re bidding for the 2023 Eastercon.

We want to give Eastercon members a choice. We think it’s likely that the 2023 convention will need to have some virtual elements, even if it is predominantly an in-person event. Some members of the community will not want to join us at an in-person event, or may not be able to, and we want to include them in our planning from the outset. So we’re planning a convention with both physical and virtual elements, and building it into our planning at every stage.

We also believe that the primary purpose of the Eastercon is the social engagement between members, with the programme providing a source of interesting things to talk about. We want to emphasise that in our convention design, starting by talking to the Eastercon community about their desires and expectations for Eastercon 2023. 

Both bids have team members in common and if the other bid wins then most of us would expect to work on the Eastercon as usual. 

We don’t have a site yet and are looking at different locations around the country.

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